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25 Italian men who remained in Ethiopia after World War II tended to develop long?term or steady relationships of concubinage with Ethiopian female partners (as the old coloniali had done for decades in Eritrea). The interviews I conducted revealed that in some cases they only had one steady partner; in many others they had several so?called wives in one lifetime. Ethiopian women were often much younger than their Italian partners, sometimes even teenagers. Some “traditional marriages” took place between Italians and Ethiopians, involving the participation of some elders or the exchange of small gifts; however, a proper wedding ceremony, a sarg of some kind, was rarely performed.
57 Interview with Giulia, in September 2011, outskirts of Addis Ababa.
26 Giulia, an unrecognized Eritrean?Italian woman born in Ethiopia at the end of the 1940s, was particularly explicit during our interview. Around 1965, while still a teenager, she was forcefully wed to a middle?aged Italian man she considered too old for her (he died in Ethiopia in the late 1980s). She had a “traditional marriage,” not in a church, but she put on a white wedding gown and they had a ceremony ( sarg ). Her family wanted her to get married to an Italian man, despite the fact that her Italian father had abandoned her family when her mother was pregnant with her. After the marriage, Giulia had to stop her favorite activities: school and sports; but, although she was not allowed to, she would still go and play volleyball once in a while. None of the four children Giulia had with her Italian “husband” were able to obtain Italian citizenship because they were never formally recognized by their father at the Italian Consulate. In the end though, Giulia thinks that her “marriage” was stable enough and not a bad one. She now has a decent house, while many other women in her situation were left in poverty by their Italian “ex?husbands” after they left or passed away.57.
58 Conversations with Richard Pankhurst in 2009 in Addis Ababa.
27 In most cases though, an Ethiopian girl would just move in with her Italian partner, and Ethiopians, afterwards, would refer to her as the “wife” of an Italian man. In Ethiopia, “marriage” and “getting married” can be quite “open” and nuanced concepts, as Richard Pankhurst reminded me , 58 as is also attested by the vagueness of the expression “traditional marriage” and the way it is used today by Ethiopians. Hence, marriage and concubinage in the Horn of Africa are controversial and fluid notions that imply a status partly affected by colonial legacy. Such a baggage made relationships between Northeast African women and Italian men difficult to define throughout the 20 th century. As outlined before, different sources, implicitly or explicitly, reveal the complexity (sometimes the contradictions) of these relationships.
59 Interview with ?a?ay, in August 2011 in Harar. 60 Teff ( Eragostis abyssinica ) is an annual cereal grass, widely used and eaten in Ethiopia. 61 Interview with ?aytu in Addis Ababa in September 2012.
28 For instance, ?a?ay , an Ethiopian woman I interviewed in her relatively comfortable apartment, would refer to her Italian “husband,” alternatively, as padrone and Signor Antonacci (“master” and “Mr. Antonacci”), but she would also assert that “he used to take [her] once in a while to church or to the movies,” which were the “stereotypical” places where Italian men would go accompanied by their wives or fiancees . Moreover, one of their two boys (Gioacchino and Giacobbe) – the eldest ? was legally recognized by his Italian father . 59 Another woman I visited in her shabby house in Addis Ababa , ?aytu, remembered that “when Gallo lived with us or came to visit us, there would always be teff60 at home.” She would hence stress and praise the positive aspects of her “marriage” with Gallo in terms of food, income, and well?being he was able to provide. However, the fact that this man took another “wife” in Debre Zeyit (44 kilometers away from Addis Ababa) when he went to work there for some time, or the fact that he provided valid Italian documents for only his last four children, born in Debre Zeyit from another woman, seemed to be quite irrelevant to ?aytu.61.
Being Ethiopian?Italian in Ethiopia.
62 Barrera , 1996. 63 Riforma del diritto di famiglia (the 1975 set of laws that, among other things, allowed married Ita (. ) 64 Interview with Giulia, op. cit . 65 Barrera , 2002, p. 21?53.
29 If it is true that the majority of Italian men who remained in Ethiopia after World War II did not legally register at the Italian Embassy/Consulate their Ethiopian?Italian children as theirs, it is also likely that Italian men in Ethiopia tended not to acknowledge their Ethiopian?Italian children for two main sets of reasons. On one hand, we can imagine that they reproduced in postcolonial Ethiopia the colonial habit of not legally recognizing African?Italian children in the Horn, a common habit for decades in colonial Eritrea.62 On the other hand, if an Italian man was already married in Italy before joining the Ethiopian Campaign, he was not allowed to acknowledge his children in Ethiopia, because until 1975 the Italian civil code forbade married Italians to acknowledge the children they had out of wedlock, while being married.63 As revealed, among others, by Giulia, the interviewee previously mentioned, this non?recognition also happened when the Italian father kept living with or supporting his Ethiopian family . 64 At the same time, Ethiopian?Italians are still prone to have an Italian first name and father?name, even when they have not been recognized by their Italian ancestor and, therefore, are not Italian citizens. The Italian names of Ethiopian?Italians were not always imposed by the Italian parent though. Indeed, in the name of patrilinearity – as already pointed out by Giulia Barrera for the Eritrean case65 – an Italian name might be imposed by the Ethiopian mother even when the Italian father had prematurely abandoned his Ethiopian family, if only to preserve the patrilineal system.

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“Nor did the son of Mene, Musaeus, master of the Graces, cause Antiope to go without her meed of honour. And she, beside Eleusis’s strand, expounded to the initiates the loud, sacred voice of mystic oracles, as she duly escorted the priest through the Rarian plain to honour Demeter. And she is known even in Hades.
“I say, too, that Boeotian Hesiod, master of all lore, left his hall and went to the Heliconian village of the Ascraeans, because he was in love; whence, in wooing Eoee, maid of Ascra, he suffered many pangs; and as he sang, he writ all the scrolls of his Catalogues , ever proceeding from a girl’s name first.
“But that bard himself, whom the decree of Zeus for ever ordains to be the sweetest divinity among all poets, godlike Homer, languished to thinness, and set Ithaca in the strains of song for love of wise Penelope; for her sake he went, with many sufferings, to that small isle, far from his own wide country; and he celebrated the kin of Icarius, the folk of Amyelas, and Sparta too, ever mindful of his own misfortunes.
“And Mimnermus, who discovered, after much suffering, the sweet sound and spirit breathed from the languorous pentameter, burned for Nanno; yet oft upon his venerable flute, bound to his lips, he with Hexamyles would hold revel. But he quarrelled with Hermobius, the ever cruel, and Pherecles, too, his foe, whom he loathed for the taunts which he hurled against him.
“Antimachus, too, smitten with love for the Lydian girl Lyde, trod the ground where the Pactolus river flows; and when she died, in his helplessness he placed her in the hard earth, weeping the while, and in his woe he left her there and returned to lofty Colophon; then he filled his pious scrolls with plaints, and rested after all his pain.
“As for the Lesbian Alcaeus, thou knowest in how many revels he engaged, when he smote his lyre with yearning love for Sappho. And the bard who loved that nightingale caused sorrow, by the eloquence of his hymns, to the Teian poet. Yea, for the honey-voiced Anacreon contended for her, whose beauty was supreme among the many women of Lesbos. And at times he would leave Samos, at times again his own city, that nestles against the vine-covered hill, and visit Lesbos, rich in wine; and oft he gazed upon Lectum, the Mysian headland across the Aeolian wave.
“How, too, the Attic bee left Colone of the many hillocks, and sang with choruses marshalled in tragedy — sang of Bacchus and of his passion for Theoris and for Erigone, whom Zeus once gave to Sophocles in his old age.
“I say, too, that that man who had ever guarded himself against passion, and had won the hatred of all men by his railings concerning all women, was none the less smitten by the treacherous bow, and could not lay aside his pangs by night; nay, in Macedonia he traversed all the by-ways in his woe, and became dependant on the steward of Archelaus; until at last Fate found destruction for Euripides, when he met the cruel hounds from Arribius.
“And that poet from Cythera, whom the nurses of Bacchus reared, and the Muses taught to be the most faithful steward of the flute, Philoxenus, — thou knowest how he was racked with pain, and passed through our city to Ortygia; for thou hast heard of his mighty yearning, which Galateia esteemed less than the very firstlings of the flock.
“Thou knowest also of that bard in whose honour the townsmen of Eurypylus, the men of Cos, raised a bronze statue beneath the plane-tree; he, Philitas, sang his love for the nimble Bittis, versed as he was in all the terms of love and in all its speech.
“Yea, not even all the mortals who ordained for themselves a life austere, seeking to find the dark things of wisdom, whom their very craft caused to choke in the shrewd contests of debate, and their dread skill, which bestowed its care upon eloquence, — not even they could turn aside the awful, maddened turmoil of Love, but they fell beneath the power of that dread charioteer.
“Such was the madness for Theano that bound with its spell the Samian Pythagoras; yet he had discovered the refinements of geometric spirals, and had modelled in a small globe the mighty circuit of the enveloping aether.
“And with what fiery power did Cypris, in her wrath, heat Socrates, whom Apollo had declared to be supreme among all men in wisdom! Yea, though his soul was deep, yet he laboured with lighter pains when he visited the house of Aspasia; nor could he find any remedy, though he had discovered the many cross-paths of logic.
“Even the man of Cyrene, keen Aristippus, was drawn by overpowering love beyond the Isthmus, when he fell in love with Lais of Apidane; in his flight he renounced all discourse, and expounded a life of worthlessness.”
In these lines Hermesianax makes the mistake of supposing that Sappho and Anacreon belonged to the same period, for he flourished in the time of Cyrus and Polycrates, whereas she belonged to the time of Alyattes, the father of Croesus. Yet Chamaeleon, in his book On Sappho , asserts that some say it was to her that the following verses were addressed by Anacreon: “Now golden-haired Eros tosses at me his purple ball, and challenges me to sport with the maiden of the broidered sandal. But she — for she is from fair Lesbos — finds fault with my hair, for it is white, and is all agape for another — a woman!” And Chamaeleon further says that Sappho spoke to Anacreon these lines: “The hymn which thou didst utter, O Muse of the golden throne, is that which the Teian, glorious old man from the goodly land of fair women, sang to our delight.” But that this song is not by Sappho is plain, I imagine, to any one. In fact I think that Hermesianax was joking as regards the love affair. For the comic poet Diphilus, in his play, Sappho , has even made Archilochus and Hipponax lovers of Sappho!

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Sahih Muslim, Volume 3, pp. 553-554:
“The contractual marriage was lawful before the campaign of Khaybar; then it became unlawful in the day of the campaign. Then it was made lawful again in the day of Mecca’s conquest. After three days, it was prohibited . The episodes concerning the lawfulness (of the contractual marriage) in the day of the conquest are not ambiguous and it is not permissible to forfeit it. There is nothing that may inhibit the repetition of practicing the contractual marriage again , and God is the omniscient, and the scholars have agreed to regard the contractual marriage as a temporary legal marriage, which does not entail any inheritance. The separation occurs as soon as the date of the agreement expires, and it does not require any legal divorce. Ibn’Abbas used to preach its lawfulness . ”
The above Hadith shows how Mut’a was implemented during the lifetime of the Prophet. The Hadith clearly reveals a pattern. It was implemented in the following manner: Mut’a On – Mut’a Off – Mut’a On – Mut’a Off . What can we logically conclude from this? Either Allah and Muhammad are two mentally deranged lunatics suffering from schizophrenic or it is their way of telling Muslims that this practice can be turned “On” whenever it becomes necessary. Well-known Muslim scholars support the view that this practice can be observed whenever it becomes necessary. Well, does this give you the impression that Allah and Muhammad are having in mind to gradually do away with this sinful practice?
“Ibn Abbas and other Sahaba said that Mut’ah can be utilised when needed , Ibn Hanbal also narrated the same.”(Page 3)
And in the esteemed work known as “The Prophetic Biography , ” Ibn Kathir also stated the following:
“The prohibition of the contractual marriage took place in the day of the Khaybar campaign. Yet it had been established in Sahih of Muslim that Muhammad allowed them again to (sign) a contractual marriage in the Day of Mecca’s conquest. Then he prohibited it. The Shafi’i said: ‘I do not know any other thing which was made lawful , then prohibited , then made lawful again, then unlawful except the contractual marriage, which was prohibited in the year in which Mecca was conquered, then after that it became lawful .” ( Part 3 , pages 365 and 366 )
And in “The Prophetic Biography , ” renowned Sunni Islamic jurist, Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya , also testified to the above statement of al-Shafi’i . And on page 345 he stated the following fact regarding the implementation of Mut’a :
“After the death of Muhammad, Ibn’Abbas made it lawful when there was a need for it. He used to say that the apostle prohibited it when it was dispensable, but it was made lawful when it became a necessity . ” (p.345)
Imam al-Baydawi also supported the above statements regarding the implementation of Mut’a . His testimony can be read in his renowned book, “The Interpretation of Al-Baydawi . ” And on page 108 he added:
“The purpose of the contractual marriage is the mere pleasure of intercourse with a woman , and her own enjoyment in what she has given” (p.108).
Since Muhammad authorized his men to perform Mut’a when they were unable to control their sexual urges, this practice was revived whenever it became necessary. Contrary to the claims made by Muslim apologists, Muhammad did nothing to discourage this sinful practice. If Muhammad really wanted to discourage Mut’a , he would have sought to evidence his disagreement by either maintaining silence or by refraining to pass comments that encourage Muslims to continue this practice. This would show his personal non-commitment on the matter. Any concession by Muhammad would then be understood merely as a conciliatory gesture on his part.
However, the situation is entirely different when instead of discouraging the practice, Muhammad orders his followers to do Mut’a . Since an order is something that the followers must do, this shows that Muhammad supported the practice of Mut’a . In effect, this means that Muslims are now implementing a directive that their Prophet had issued. Therefore, this is no longer a matter of option but something that must be done. This is the expressed will of Muhammad and Allah. Moreover, it must be remembered Allah revealed a Qur’anic verse that included Mut’a among the “good things of Allah . ” So how can Muhammad then condemn or progressively censure the “good things of Allah” ?
It is essential to note that no Qur’anic verse was revealed later to cancel the initial Qur’anic verse that made Mut’a legitimate. In other words, Allah did not inspire any Qur’anic verses later on to abolish Mut’a . Allah revealed its legitimacy in the Qur’an, and it was practiced to the end of Muhammad’s lifetime. Since Muhammad is the sole recipient of the Qur’an, the end of Muhammad’s life would automatically mean the end of the Qur’an’s revelation. As such, the claim that Muhammad wanted to eradicate Mut’a progressively is a total lie by Muslim apologist.
Mut’a was upheld and continued to be practiced among the faithful Muslims even after the passing away of Muhammad. We will now look at the further evidences that prove Mut’a was never abolished by Muhammad during his lifetime.

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“I tell you what,“ says Franzblau. “If these guys knew how many of these girls are thinking about sticking a knife in their back while they’re having sex with them, they’d be amazed. Forget amazed. They’d be staying home.“
But they don’t know, so they keep coming. Who cares what the tourist board says? The hotel clerks, the bartenders, the cabbies—they’re all part of the fantasy, all in on the hustle. No one looks at you funny down here if you want to get a girl for the night or just for an hour. No one calls you a loser if you pay to get laid.
There’s a tico named…well, forget his name. He used to be in the business of taking horny gringo dollars, used to manage a club, and he doesn’t want to piss off his old boss. Then again, he’s not too happy with how this is all turning out for his country. “Remember Bush, the first one, when he said ‘the New World Order’?“ he says. “In the New World Order, we’re the playground.“
Grab a cab at the airport, and even if the driver speaks no English he’ll say, “ Chicas, sí? “ and he’ll know you understand. Tell him you want to go to a club, and he’ll drop you off at a strip joint like the one the tico used to manage, and he’ll collect a thousand colones from the club owner for delivering you. Americans, the tico says, are like “Attila, you know, the Hun,“ but they’ve got dollars. Pay the cover—ten bucks, including two drinks—and watch the show: strippers, then a live lesbian act, then $2 lap dances, then an amateur act…all in an hour and, damn, it’s only a Tuesday night. Resist the hard sell for a private dance in the back, two bucks a minute, six minutes minimum. Then quit resisting. Follow her into a bland room with a wastebasket full of tissues and Wet-Naps. “Tip enough,“ the tico says, “and they’re all hookers.“ Want to take her out of the club? One-fifty to the house, one-fifty to her.
Maybe the national economy doesn’t need the money, but the club does. The girl does. The cabbie does. The maid changing sheets at the Holiday Inn does. The tico ’s friend who runs a local tanning salon does. Eliminate prostitution, that friend says, and you eliminate 60 percent of his clientele. No, better to keep it legal, keep it out in the open.
Just don’t talk about it too much. For all the bravado, for all the Web chatter, for all the Attila swagger, the gringo whoremongers are exceptionally shy. The guys in the bar don’t want to talk. Be a nosy stranger, ask an obvious question—“Whaddya doin’ down here?“—and they’ll give you a stare that’s either blank or surly. The ’mongers who brag so loudly on the Internet don’t use their real names. Even the out-of-business tico club manager would prefer not to have his name in a magazine no one in Costa Rica will read.
“You know why?“ he says. “Because you’re touching the darkest part of the human soul. You do this in your own country, you’ll have shame.
On the immigration forms American Airlines passes out on its flights from Miami to San José, in fine blue print just below the usual blocks for your name and passport number and address, there’s a curious line in both Spanish and English: “The penalty for sexual abuse towards minors in Costa Rica implies prison. Law #7899.“
When you get off the plane, there are posters taped to each of the kiosks where the immigration officers stamp your passport. They show the large, sad face of a teenage girl and, smaller and down in one corner, a pair of white man’s hands poking out through what appear to be the bars of a prison cell. “Her soul torn to pieces,“ the text reads, “and you…behind bars.“ Farther on, next to the door out of customs, there is a life-size cardboard stand-up of a tico —a cabbie, presumably—holding a sign. “Dear tourist,“ the sign held by the sign says. “In Costa Rica, sex with children under 18 is a serious crime. Should you engage in it, we will drive you to jail. We mean it.“ Finally, in the cabs that line up outside the terminal, there are versions of the same sign, again with “We mean it“ underlined with a red slash.
Welcome to Costa Rica, where it is illegal to rape children. Where it is necessary, in fact, to remind every single tourist entering the country that it is wrong to rape children.
The reason those signs are posted, of course, is that Costa Rica has a reputation as a place where you can rape the kids, though it’s rarely put that bluntly. Pedophilia? Okay, yes, agreed: It’s very, very bad, and Costa Rica, like most developing nations, has suffered its share of foreigners preying on its kids. But read the signs again: “under 18“ is in bold for a reason, one that is more demurely referred to as having sex with underage prostitutes, the estimated 5,000 to 10,000 teenagers in San José alone who’ve yet to reach the legal age of consent. Considering that the UNICEF study of young prostitutes found they turned their first trick at the average age of 14, it’s a huge problem.

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there aren’t any other sources aboout it. No statements from politicians, that would be a crime, who is not ignorable.
It isn’t true. It’s pre-referendum propaganda.
oh now we’re soft? Good.
Surely they can’t be this stupid? Hopefully true, would give all the more justification for Iraq to attack.
What? Do you think everyone supports the US proxy in the area? Kurds ought to be crushed by both Syria and Iraq like the commie filth they are.
“commie” lol you threw that word in there just because why not. 😛 You appear to have some 1950s McCarthyism lodged into your brain.
Iraqi Kurdistan government (Mahmoud Barzani) is a classic Turkey-styled creation with capitalist based economy and with conservatism as a political background (and you yourself are probably also a conservative since you like to use words such as “commie filth” so you should have some sympathy towards Barzani, him being your ideological equivalent).
Now if you had used that word for PKK/YPG then it would make more sense but even then it would be a lose term.
Now as for executing ISIS fighters – why the hell not? Wasting time and prison space on em might be a bit unnecessary (since non-Kurd Iraqis also didn’t show much effort in that regard as well).
The one thing you have correct like Turkey they are Salafists and non-secular which you have left out a great many things about them. They were more likely local Turkmen and not your Idea of ISIS , Kurds of Barzani ilk are anti Christian and any other non-Sunni religions. They will even kill Assyrians and any others because they want to ethnically purge the region of non-Kurds.
No, I threw it there because they are, in fact, commies. They even have a red star on the fucking flag, for Christ’s sake. And guess who forms the bulk of their foreign divisions? Volunteers sent by far-left organizations across europe and united states. Antifa brags quite a lot about its foreign division in kurdistan, in fact.
You don’t even have enough insight into the regional politics and state of affairs to tell the difference between Peshmerga and YPG. :o.
One is a Criminal Organization and the other is a Terrorist Organization what not is there to understand as they are both related by blood and almost extremely in similar tactics.
What an incredibly stupid statment.
See you have the typical terrorist supporter Icon can see you as an idiot.
Tell me why are Communists so bad? Time to grow up and smell the roses I think.
Because they’re anti-religion, anti-family, and believe all people are equal (which is a lie). Their economical model is shit that doesn’t function, as USSR proved so nicely, and their social model is what’s killing America right now. Why would you ever like communism?
Jesus Christ was communist, in fact, I consider him the creator of communism.
Then you are, simply put, retarded. I don’t recall him pushing for the abolition of property (if fact, a big chunk of the Bible deals with protection of property, but of course, the only book you ever read was Marx’s Capital), he didn’t advocate killing and systematically opressing adherents of any and all religion, and he definitely wasn’t anti-fmaily. Do everyone a favour and kill yourself.
You are definitely rude and uncouth.You obviously dont remember him multiplying the fish and the loaves to feed the poor people or him whipping the moneychangers or him cursing the pharisees for loving his money too much or saying a rich man wont get in to heaven.etc.
In fact you dont know much about the Bible after all do you?
I wonder if you belong to those new age christian sects where if you are rich then you are the elect and the poor are poor because they are not the elect and no one can help them etc as for equality, jesus knew we are not all equal in our gifts but he said we should try hard to ignore that so that we can become better people.did you forget that or did your happy clappy new age christian pastor neglect to teach you that !
Charity has nothing to do with communism, and neither does the abolition of usury indicate some sort of a socialist system. The catholic church has been one of the greatest contributors of charity in recorded history, and had traditionally reviled usury. Are you going to claim that the Catholic church was communist? You’re laughable – you cherrypick a few instances that you think somehow fit the bill and then proudly declare “X is communism”, oblivious to just how ridiculous you sound. How about the part where communism seeks the dissolution of family unit and abolition of religion? How does that fit with Jesus, huh? Or do you just conveniently “forget” facts that wouldn’t help your current argument? Pathetic.
And no, I don’t belong to any shitty new age christian whatever.
I never said Jesus was against family.i agree with you.what i am saying is that jesus said ” the LOVE of money is the root of all evil”.i never said that having money was bad.im saying loving your money more than people is bad.

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