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The 13-Year-Old Prostitute.
Working Girl or Sex Slave?
By Jessica Lustig Published Oct 24, 2007 ShareThis.
T he low-slung black car rolled to a stop on Rockaway Boulevard. Another car was already parked there, waiting in the dark. Behind the tinted windows of the first car, Lucilia, a beautiful half–Puerto Rican, half-Dominican girl from Flatbush with long dark hair, pale skin, and wide eyes, sat with the other girls and listened carefully to her instructions. “All you got to do is go up to the car in front of us,” said Romeo, the young black man with heavy-lidded eyes at the wheel. “You charge him whatever you want to charge him, you ask if he’s police or a pimp. He’s gonna give you money, and then you’re gonna just do whatever he wants you to do real quick. It’s just a one-minute thing.” He sent her out.
She went up to the other car. The man inside drove her to one of the big parking lots nearby, close to the Belt Parkway. He paid her $500, had sex with her, and then dropped her off. “Where the money?” Romeo asked her when she climbed back inside his car. “Let me count it.” Lucilia took the cash out of her pocket and watched him flip through the bills. “Can I have my money back?” she asked. “You not getting your money back!” he said. “You making this money for me to take care of you.” And then he explained what he called “the Game,” how he would love her and be her “daddy,” how he would take care of her and buy her whatever she wanted, as long as she brought him money. “Let me tell you,” he said. “I’m a pimp, and you’re a ho.” “What do you mean I’m a ho?” she asked. She knew the word only as an insult, as in, you’re nasty. “No,” he said. “You’re a moneymaking ho.” “Is that good?” she asked. “Yeah,” he told her. “That’s good.” She was 13 years old.
If Lucilia were a 13-year-old Chinese girl smuggled to New York and made to work in a Queens brothel, she would not be seen, in the eyes of the authorities, as a prostitute at all. She would be a sex slave, a victim of human trafficking, and if she had the good fortune to be discovered by the police, she would be given federal protection and shielded by the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000. But she’s not.
In this city, a U.S. citizen like Lucilia is seen by the law as a prostitute. The federal law technically applies, but local law- enforcement follows state law. And according to state law, she is a victim, yes—of statutory rape, since the legal age of consent in New York is 17. But since the rapist paid money for the privilege, she’s also a criminal, subject to arrest, prosecution, and incarceration, no matter how young she is. And the prostitutes are getting younger. The consensus among the police officers, juvenile-rights lawyers, and prosecutors on the front lines is that more and more are entering the life as young as 12 years old. So how do we as a society deal with a girl like Lucilia? The contradiction between the state and federal legislation has created a crisis in policy and law enforcement. Is she a “moneymaking ho,” as her pimp called her, who should be prosecuted as a criminal—or is she just like the girls brought here from China, Colombia, or Belarus, a trafficking victim who should be equally protected under the law?

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X XXXXXXXX ? “A man’s world”. or an ideal world for ‘men’ who can’t get laid in their own countries and have to come to places like Thailand to feel like kings (somehow forgetting that those girls with the “delicious plum” breasts are being paid to m ake them feel slightly better than the drivelling scum that they are). Such a cliche, it’s just sad. Boasting about exploitating cheap labour is a lovely addition to the stereotype – Mae Sot is so lucky to have this exemplary human being around!! 2 hours ago · Like.
X XXXXXXXX So we are all quite rightly outraged, but what steps can actually be taken to stop this and other types of exploitation and abuse perpetuated by foreign nationals? This is not the only example, nor will it be the last. Criticism and boycotting the business/organisation only goes so far; reporting to the relevant organisations/ authorities, and the embassy of the person concerned would hopefully be more effective. 2 hours ago · Like.
X XXXXXXXX The interview on the Ajarn website says it all. Chasing the money (because 25k baht isn’t enough to live on. hmmm, wonder what it’s like to try and support a family on +/-2k); tales of being fired again and again (unfairly of course! or a ctually I think it was just ‘bad luck’); and the best one having 13 full-time and/or part time jobs in what appears to be a relatively short period (but this is seen as being ‘well experienced’). Never a dull moment in Mae Sot. 2 hours ago · Like · 1 person.
X XXXXXXXX From your writings I dislike you personally, I regard you as a vile, lecherous chauvinist. Still, I am not naive to the country in which we reside – Thailand will provide for you and facilitate your depraved cravings. However for you to come to somewhere like Mae Sot, and actively seek out the most vulnerable people in our midst in order to exploit them and “indulge” in your power over them, sickens me to the core, and leads me to assert that my disgust is not just personal but also professional. So yes, you sir appear to be a dick. But you have also highlighted, again, how the people with whom we work are so little protected, and the desperate need for regulation and monitoring of us foreigners in this town. How, who, can do this? about an hour ago · Like · 3 people.
X XXXXXXXX Blog name: Blackheart. Says it all really. 52 minutes ago · Like · 1 person.
X XXXXXXXX XXXXX – ‘So we are all quite rightly outraged, but what steps can actually be taken to stop this and other types of exploitation and abuse perpetuated by foreign nationals? This is not the only example, nor will it be the last. Criticism and boycotting the business/organisation only goes so far; reporting to the relevant organisations/ authorities, and the embassy of the person concerned would hopefully be more effective.’ My ambassador is Chris Gibbons. His secretary (Thai) is Kate – we studied together at Assumption Uni. Give me a call and I will give you her number – she will gladly pass the message on to the ambassador. Let me know if I can help you with any of the other authorities that you mentioned. 10 hours ago · Like.
Protect children on the move.
The story of a girl forced to work as prostitute Posted November 25, 2012.
The girl in this story grows up in a village in Karen State in Burma to the Thai border. When she’s ten years old, her father dies. She drops out of school to go to take care of her younger sisters. When she is thirteen, she’s offered a job through a friend of her mother.The woman takes her to Mae Sot where she will in someone else’s household. She remains here for three years and earns a converted 30 euros a month. Unfortunately, her boss doesn’t need her any more after three years and sends her to another house where she works for a few months.
Then the sister of her new boss asks whether she wants to work in Bangkok as as a massage girl. A job in which she can earn much more. She’s interested in the offer: if she earns more, she can help her mother and sisters better. However, she must pay the woman 150 euros for the transportation to Bangkok. But she doesn’t accept the offer straight away. First, she goes back to her first employer to ask her for advice. The lady warns her not to go and succeeds in convincing her to stay in Mae Sot. The girl returns to her new boss and refuses the offer to go to Bangkok. The boss however, becomes angry, theatens her and forces her to get into a full van with other people.
When she arrives in Sara Buri, a city near Bangkok, the woman takes her to a massage parlor. She teaches her how to massage and how to treat customers. A week later, the woman forces the girl to go with an older customer to an hotel to have sex with him . Afterwards, the man takes her back to the salon and pays the woman. The girl gets nothing because she still has a debt with her boss. The weeks after, she’s forced again to go with more customers. The murder of another girl from the salon turns out to be her rescue . The boss is afraid that the police will investigate and takes the girl back to Mae Sot. She’s then being held in a house, but luckily she’s able to escape to the house of her first employer that lives nearby.

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Selected array results from HESN and controls were validated by quantitative PCR using LightCycler real time PCR (Roche Diagnostics). And to asses that the gene expression profiles may not have been confounded by sex work, blood samples from sex worker women who have been involved in sex work for one year and were HIV negative (New Negatives) were randomly selected and included as additional controls in qRT-PCR confirmation of microarray data.
Samples were analysed with Quantitect SYBR Green RT PCR assay kit as per the manufacturer’s protocol (Qiagen). Briefly, 100 ng of each sample were ran in duplicate and normalized to 18 sRNA. Relative expression of each gene was determined from a standard curve of pooled cDNA from human peripheral blood mononuclear cells with total RNA extracted in the same way in a 10 series dilution to form the qRT-PCR standards [64]. p -values for significance were analyzed using a student t-test.
The microarray data have been deposited at the Genomic Spatial Event (GSE) database under numbers GSE 30155–30240 and GSE 33580.
We thank the volunteers of the Pumwani sex worker cohort for their invaluable time and contribution to this project. We sincerely acknowledge the support from the clinic staff of the University of Nairobi/University of Manitoba Collaborative Program for sample and data collection. Our gratitude to Mark Jordan and Brenda Oosterveen of Agriculture Canada for validating our microarray assays, Leslie Slaney and Ian Maclean of University of Manitoba for logistical support and Rose Odera and Salome Ngamau of Kenya Medical Research Institute for secretarial services.
Author Contributions.
Conceived and designed the experiments: EMS BTB FAP. Performed the experiments: EMS WA NK. Analyzed the data: EMS GB BL. Contributed reagents/materials/analysis tools: ML PM RS JK CW KF. Wrote the paper: EMS.
Early Christmas as Airtel Uganda Staff Give Back.
For the third consecutive year, Airtel Uganda has embarked on an initiative to share the joy of Christmas with individuals, families, organizations and communities through their staff-driven initiative dubbed ‘12 Days of Christmas’.
Named after a popular Christmas song that breaks down a series of grand gifts given on each of the twelve days of Christmas, this initiative aims at rewarding individuals and organizations that have made a remarkable difference in the lives of their community members. This initiative also gives Airtel Uganda staff members an opportunity to assist individuals and communities in need.
Airtel Uganda staff members celebrate early Christmas with Salama School of the Blind.
The telco’s staff begun by spreading Christmas cheer to the African Children of God’s Image (ACOGI) located in Katanga and Salama School for the blind in Mukono. The staff members handed over foodstuffs such as posho, rice and sugar; scholastic materials such as books and pens as well as some musical instruments to ACOGI and a Perkins Brailler (a gadget used by the visually impaired to write and read), sauce pans, cups, school bags, bottles and sodas to Salama school for the blind. In the spirit of Christmas, the staff members cut cake with the children.
Airtel Uganda staff led by Marketing Director Mr. Indrajeet Kumar carry foodstuffs during the visit to African Children of God’s Image in Katanga.
Commenting about the initiative, Mr. V.G. Somasekhar, the Airtel Uganda Managing Director, applauded the staff members for their commitment to give back to society.
“Through this initiative, Airtel Uganda staff members have managed to change the lives of hundreds of Ugandans in different communities across the country in such a short time,” he commented.
Airtel Uganda staff members spread the joy of Christmas to children in Katanga, Wandegeya.
“We believe it is our responsibility to give back to Ugandans in the communities in which we operate by not only providing reliable telecommunications products and services, but also offering them assistance to enable them lead more meaningful and productive lives,” he added.
As part of this year’s initiative, staff members will visit the Children’s Cancer Ward Mulago, SOTEDA Diabetics Organization in Gulu, Kankobe Children’s Center in Masaka, Mugalula Community in Wakiso, Boda Boda Initiative in Kamuli, Busebewe Primary School in Luwero, Prince of Peace Nursery and Primary in Kobwin, Kyamulinga Public School in Mityana, Ibanda Babies Home and Special Children Special People in Ggaba.
The Shia practice of the forbidden temporary marriage.
All praise is due to Allah, Whom we ask for help and forgiveness. We seek the protection of Allah from the sins of ourselves and our deeds. No one can misguide whom He guides, and whom He does not guide, will never find a guide.
I testify that there is no God but Allah, the One with no partner, and that Muhammad (s.a.w) is His slave and Messenger.
In the days before the battle of khaibar the Prophet permitted the use of temporary marriage.
" Narrated Salama bin Al-Akwa’ (r.a): ‘In the year of Autas, Allahs Messenger permitted a temporary marriage for three nights, but he prohibited it afterwards . "

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The life of a victim of sex trafficking is really dark. In the brothel, there are no proper sanitary conditions and those young girls often work almost 14 hours a day. They are malnourished, and abused. Eventually, some of them come to the brothel as young pure and innocent virgin, and leaves as HIV positive and destroyed young women. After all, the life of a victim of sex trafficking is clearly a life with no tomorrow.
Myawaddy (also sometimes spelt Myawaddi, Myawadi or Myawady) is a border town in Myanmar.
Since 2013 foreigners are allowed to cross the Thai-Myanmar boarder at Myawaddy. Since July 2015, there’s a new road from Myawaddy towards Hpa-an and Mawlamyine, eliminating the old alternating day driving direction system on the old road.
The border closes at 20:00 mo to fri (march 2016). Myanmar time and the immigration procedure is quite simple. Coming from Myanmar foreigners don’t have to join the queues but can go right into the office while locals are queuing outside, and entering Thailand you can go straight to window number 4. Pick-ups and taxis are easily available on both sides.
The Myawaddy – Mae Sot border crossing is a moderately popular destination for tourists and expats in Thailand who want to make a “visa run” (ie, get a new Thai entry permit stamp by making a short visit to another country).
The time in Myawaddy is 30 minutes earlier than in Mae Sot, and the traffic (mostly) drives on the right which makes an interesting scene on the bridge where cars from both ends have to switch over to the other side.
There are several buses daily from Myawaddy to Hpa-an (Pa-an) and Mawlamyine (Moulmein), however a Myanmar or Thai passport or ID card is not required anymore.
From the Thai town of Mae Sot, take a songthaew (20 Baht) or other transport to the border crossing at the Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge over the Moei River; Myawaddy is immediately on the other side of the bridge.
To do a visa run, foreigners must deposit their passports at the Myanmar immigration checkpoint and pay a fee of either USD10 or THB500 for entry.
On re-entering Thailand without a visa, passport holders from the G7 countries of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States now get another automatic 30 days in Thailand without the need for any visa.
If you are a citizen of Brazil, Chile, Peru, South Korea, or Argentina, you will fare even better as you’ll be stamped into Thailand for 90 days. Citizens from most other countries get only a 15 day stamp put in their passports. According to the Thailand Immigration Bureau, the number of times you can cross a land border into Thailand and be given 15, 30 or 90 days in Thailand is now unlimited. The Thai authorities have a nasty habit of changing this quite frequently with no warning, so do re-confirm this at the time you are travelling.
While in Myawaddy the Thai baht are universally accepted, and so there is no need to change baht into kyat (the Burmese currency).
Since 2014, there is a direct bus leaving every odd days to Yangon for 13,000 kyat, departing at 8am, 9am and 10am and taking 12 hours.
Myawaddy is centred around the wide strip of highway that leads from the Friendship Bridge through town and is small enough to be explored easily on foot; alternatively, ubiquitous red bicycle rickshaws go everywhere.
Places of interest in town include:
The Golden pagoda, 2-3 minutes from the border checkpoint by rickshaw.
Very picturesque site with several big Buddha images enshrined on its grounds, one of which is a replica of the golden Buddha image of Mahamuni temple in Mandalay. Locals claim that this pagoda is more than 1,000 years old. Three more temples with big pagodas a bit away from the town centre in neighbouring villages (there are many more pagodas in surrounding areas, as everywhere in Myanmar).
One of these pagodas is situated on the grounds of the children’s dancing school, so you can see many small kids there. There are also more than a hundred similar sitting Buddha images on one of the sides of this pagoda.
Another temple is situated on a hill 100m walk from the previous one. It also has a big pagoda and gives a good view of the surrounding area. Visiting these distant places gives a bit of experience of “real Myanmar” with small wooden huts and locals working in their fields.
The crocodile temple (Myikyaungon in Burmese / Wat Don Jarakhe in Thai)- Click for Aerial view on google, GPS location: N16°40.97167′, E098°30.36500′. Library built on top of a giant crocodile (no acces for women). A series of displays explaining the life of Budha. Walk anti-clockwise to start at birth. the accompanying temple has some interesting 3d art in stone on the wall.
A giant standing Budha – Click for Aerial view on google, GPS location: N16°40.88964′, E098°30.08634′. A standing Budha about 15/20m high. Behind the meeting hall they are building a giant sitting Budha. Next to the Budha a rather large golden bell shaped tower.
Neat entry gate – GPS location: N16°41.18532′, E098°29.96550′. A lion topped gate leading off the main road.
Golden bell tower complex – (Shwe Muay Wan) Click for Aerial view on google, GPS location: 16°41.32482′, 098°30.49416′. Square complex with multiple temples, many golden bell tower constructions and very, very bad toilet facilities.

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The pimp or channeller then goes out of his way to extend the loan, “pampering the parents” to create an ongoing debt. The parents outdo each other to build the most enviable house in the village. The houses act as a marketing tool to lure other families into the trade.
“Who were the most successful people? Sex workers,” says Sunenti, another girl who took the bait. For the girls, though, the debt is a burden. Many sex workers live in dormitories guarded by brothel staff. “It’s not easy to go out, even on your day off or to go shopping, because security guards go with you,” says Nur’Asiah. “They follow you to make sure you don’t run away or go to work in another bar.”
Ask people here why they sell their daughters and the answer is faktor ekonomi – economic reasons. Indramayu is sustained by three industries: rice growing, sending people to countries such as Saudi Arabia and Malaysia as migrant labourers, and remittances from sex work.
In the vast rice fields, people toil in the wilting sun for just 30,000 rupiah – around $3 – per day. Even in this slow-speed rural economy, it’s barely enough to survive, much less buy a house. Offshore migrant labour means years away from home, and the horror stories of mistreatment, including rape, are legion.
There are no factories in Indramayu and the education system is so poor that few people are qualified for even the most basic white-collar job. According to Sukim, everyone has access to primary school but there are only a few middle schools (years 7 to 9) and, in Bongas at least, no high school at all. By the age of 11 or 12, many children have dropped out entirely. By 15, the girls, bored and unemployed, have watched older friends return to the village for religious holidays, desirably light-skinned from night work, with money to splash around, wearing beautiful clothes and make-up.
Yayasan Kusuma is trying to counter the lure of the sex industry by using a free middle school in Bongas to both extend children’s education into their teens and to explain the dangers of sex trafficking.
We sit in on an English lesson. When we ask about prostitution, the 15-year-old girls giggle in their hijabs and refer to it as “blank-blank”.
“I have a friend doing it – she works in Mangga Besar,” one girl says, referring to a red light district in North Jakarta.
Would you like that job?
“No!” says one girl. “We’d rather be something that’s more noble. I want to be policewoman, or a doctor.”
It’s a big aim, and seems a million miles from village life. As we leave the classroom and walk out to the dusty road, we are stopped dead by a ceremony that reminds us just how far.
Disty is seven years old and princess for a day. Dressed and painted like an Arabian Sultana and perched high on a ride-on dragon carried by four dancing men, she is paraded through the streets to the infectious beat of Indonesian pop music, dangdut.
Local girls tell us it’s an “Islamisation” ceremony, and eventually we work out that we are celebrating little Disty’s circumcision. In Indonesia, this procedure is usually performed by the midwives at a girl’s birth, and can range from a full cliterodectomy to a ceremonial dabbing of a knife on the baby’s labia. Disty’s mother, Roimah, is not sure which version her daughter endured. Then, when the girl turns seven, the local preacher, or ulama , prays over her and the village turns out for the party.
Stumbling from a discussion of careers in prostitution with a group of 15-year-old girls to a ceremony marking religious circumcision suggests unanswerable questions about the sacred and the profane, and why, in this pocket of West Java, both seem so concerned with the sexuality of little girls.
Nightfall does nothing to resolve the question. While competing calls to evening prayer bray over the loudspeakers on village mosques, the embellished houses of former prostitutes light up, twinkling prettily in the back streets.
In front of one large house, painted bright red and in the process of an expensive renovation, Eryawati sits on a blanket drinking spiced wine. She used to be a working girl but now is a kept woman, funded by a rich, married Chinese-Indonesian man who visits once or twice a month with a bundle of cash and a hard-on.
Her neighbour is another wealthy older man, a “haji”, respected because he’s made the pilgrimage to Mecca. He’ll soon marry another neighbourhood woman who quit sex work because she was pregnant. She needed a husband quickly and the haji wanted a wife, so he bought her, paying off her 10 million rupiah ($1000) debt.
Syarifudin, another worker at Yayasan Kusuma Bongas, says religious leaders here preach against prostitution but their imprecations carry far less weight than the material promises of the pimps.
Marriage is one route out of the sex trade. Other prostitutes become mistresses, second wives of polygamous men, or even ayam – literally “chicken” – a word used to describe local girls who glam up in the attempt to catch rich, often Western, husbands in the bars and nightclubs of Jakarta.
But half an hour’s drive from Bongas, at Bhayankara Police Hospital, we discover another way out of prostitution. Tarini is 28 and started her career for familiar reasons. “Many of my cousins worked as prostitutes and I saw them as successful,” she says. “When they came back to the village, they were clean and white-skinned. It looked like such a nice job.”

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