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Rob: Thanks, it’s great to be here! It was kinda like Cub Scouts: I got taken camping and then got asked to raise money. I mean, I’ve been catching InViolet’s mainstage shows for years, and have always been impressed with the group, so I was really jazzed when Angela invited me to be a part of this awesome group of I’ve been participating as an actor at InViolet’s Second Monday Socials regularly and the stuff that’s been cooking at the company meetings has got me excited about the next year. But I’m a young’un at InViolet, I’m still taking my first steps as a company member here, who knows what’s gonna happen?!
InViolet: Have a favorite InViolet memory you can share yet?
Rob: I know this is cheating, but I have two: The first is at Second Monday Social, I was reading an excerpt from a play-I think it was by Jen Bowen?-with the lovely Mariana Fernandez and I made her laugh when I pronounced java “yava.” I think there’s a photo taken from the exact moment she broke and it’s one of my favorites of all time. Right afterwards the entire room fell apart. That was a great room to be in that night.
The other was, while camping, I tagged along with co-AD Michael Henry Harris to pick up Troy and he was talking about future goals of the company and in passing mentioned that they had something wild like a dozen full-length plays written by company members that they were trying to decide on what to produce next but a company with a budget this size could only realistically produce one or two full-lengths in a year. I’m paraphrasing, but he said something to the effect of, “so we need to find other ways to give these plays life,” I was, and am, blown away by how generous that sentiment is. There’s this weird mysticism around success in the performing arts and people can be very protective and cagey about things they think will bring them more success and to hear an Artistic Director of this company say that the work deserves to be seen for its own sake, regardless of how or if the company benefits from it, was really inspiring to me.
InViolet: A few years ago you worked on a SHIP for a good chunk of time. Fill us in on that experience, please. We want to know about island excursions, towel monkeys, everything! (PS- Did you ever get seasick?)
Rob: Yep, I was an emcee for a Victorian-era magic show on a cruise ship in the Caribbean for seven months. That’s a fun sentence to write. It was a good gig: I’ve been lucky to be a part of very good groups in the past: my classmates in grad school out in Denver, the core group that was working with Amios the first couple years when we were getting off the ground. There were six or seven of us in the show that were all about the same age and I was and am deeply grateful to have had them around. There was an Austrian couple who did the mentalist act in the show that were both really great at finding the really cool places to explore everywhere we went. One day we spent exploring the neighborhoods in St. Thomas that took us all the way out to these cliffs on the ocean that felt like we were standing on the end of the world as the tide came in. That was incredible.
There were lots of times where the contrast between the way people lived was really jarring: The Gorillaz-one of my favorite bands of all time-has this album called Plastic Beach and for the album cover they built this huge sculpture of an island which looks like this really idyllic paradise, but as you get closer to it, you realize the entire thing’s made out of garbage and has been painted over, that’s what Nassau reminded me of. There were the private beaches next to public land that were tiny ship graveyards and an abandoned condo development that folks had started squatting in a quarter mile up the street from celebrity summer homes.
Even the paths of my castmates were really different: the Austrian mentalist couple took third place in America’s Got Talent last season, while another magician in our cast left straight from his contract to his mandatory military service for the South Korean Navy.
And there were all kinds of crazy things that happened with the passengers: we had a man overboard that turned out to be a failed suicide attempt (he landed on the lifeboats that hang off the ship), they had to med-evac a couple of people with health problems (one was a dead body!), one time this girl got stuck in the waterslide, the porn production company Brazzers hosted an “event” on the ship for a week, I met a crazy parrot lady and a real-life treasure diver in St. Thomas and one time a kid got detained for trying to smuggle a lizard onto the ship. It was three feet long.
And, no, I was never seasick: Rob Hille ain’t no punk bitch.
InViolet: You are a founding member and former co-artistic director of Amios Theatre, who many know as that cool company that does Shotz! each month. What has that whole adventure been like?
Rob: Oh, man, it was great. Amios was started by my classmates Christian Haines and Melissa Ortiz (who married each other and are super gross), along with my roommate from Denver Michael Fulvio (who was Co-AD with me for a bit), and also in the room were Jillian LaVinka, Kathleen Wallace Lauren Berst, and Justin Yorio, who’s the current AD. All were alumni of our grad program, the National Theater Conservatory. Christian had adopted the Shotz format (assign three writing prompts and a cast to six writers, give them two weeks to write, give the casts two weeks to rehearse and throw it up as a one-night event) from a company he’d worked with in New York and so we came back out here after our showcase we’d been doing this in Denver for nearly a year and a half as this close-knit ensemble that was really comfortable directing and working with one another. So we do our showcase and it goes well for some of us and not so well for others and Christian decides to not wait around and wait for someone else to give him a job when he knows how to make his own work. One of Fulvio’s classmates was bartending at a place in the Flatiron with an upstairs event space which we got access to. Several of the NTC alumni were also playwrights (including Steve Cole Hughes, John Behlmann, and Dan Loeser) and they were super game to write for us.

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In spite of Hoeller’s somewhat bristly relationship with feminist theory, the fact that two of his order’s priests, one deacon and two acolytes are female seems testament enough to his rejection of ecclessiastical misogyny.
Today, the Gnostic Revival is abetted by a sea change in popular culture that began in the pre-millennial ’90s: The “alternative” now becomes mainstream in a heartbeat, chaos theory and quantum uncertainty rule the scientific roost, and no less a scholastic Brahmin than Harold Bloom calls Gnosticism “America’s native religion.” I ask Hoeller whether he thought that 2,000 years of persecution had come to an end. His reply is that of one who, in the words of a friend, has “lived out the myth of the exile” and learned how hard it is to come home.
“We’ve been persecuted because we assert that genuine salvation comes only through an essential change in consciousness which has nothing to do with obeying rules. This makes fundamentalists of all stripes crazy, because they’re all about adherence to ‘the Law.’ As long as this remains true, I suspect we’ll remain outsiders. Gnostics obey the traffic laws like everyone else . . . we just don’t happen to believe you can get to Heaven that way.”
And what of Rome, I wonder. Will His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI extend a hand to his estranged Gnostic brethren as his predecessor did to the Eastern Orthodox? “Is the Pope Catholic?” Hoeller replies, with a twinkle in his eye. “No, he seems to be a damage-control man, and there is plenty of damage to attend to.”
The last question is the toughest: Once our eyes are open to the absurdity of the world, what do we live for? It’s essentially the same question asked by Sartre and Camus in the midst of the Holocaust, but Hoeller’s reply is lit by that glimmer in his eye. He quotes the Gospel of Thomas:
“And Jesus said, ‘Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will be troubled. When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and he will rule over the All.’”
Bishop Stephan Hoeller conducts Sunday services, and lectures at 8:00 p.m. on almost every Friday night of the year, at Ecclesia Gnostica, in its new location at 3363 Glendale Blvd. in Atwater Village. He is the author of Gnosticism: New Light on the Ancient Tradition of Inner Knowing, The Gnostic Jung and The Fool’s Pilgrimage, and can be tracked down at www.gnosis.org.
The Fall of Man as seen from the Gnostic perspective.
Once upon a very long time ago, when the very first Mommy and Daddy starred in the world’s first piece of Reality Programming, an unexpected snafu occurred, the sort that drives producers and program executives nuts. Mommy, whose name was Eve, began to act up. She began to question the so-called reality of her show, which was known by the title: GENESIS: In the Beginning.
Eve sat naked on her haunches beneath the forest canopy, alert as always to the sights and sounds of Eden, while Daddy, who was called Adam, snored bearishly at her side. Adam could not seem to get enough of the good things in the Garden, and spent much of his day in a somnolent state, occasionally muttering, in the peculiar argot of those times, “This is as good as it gets.”
Eve was not so sure. She had seen distorted faces reflected in dewdrops, heard urgent things in the whisper of the giant ferns. Unsettling things. She had sensed the presence of Others. And yet, there were no others, were there? Surely, the watchful eyes of the timid tree creatures could not alone account for her feeling that she walked in the shadow of another reality.
Adam’s belly was filled with the ripe fruit of the Garden; Eve’s belly was filled with Adam’s seed. She touched her swollen breasts, and it was then she heard her own name called from afar. She rose and followed the call to the depths of the forest, where there stood a tree whose alluring red fruit she had been warned in a dream not to eat. Dangling by its tail from a low branch was a creature with the body of a salamander and a face eerily familiar to Eve, a face not unlike her own.
“Who? Are? You?” the serpent mouthed.
“I don’t know,” said Eve, not having thought a lot about it.
“Why play along,” the serpent asked, “when you know the show is rigged? Why remain in prison when the cell door is open?”
“Where is this door?” asked Eve, innocently enough.
The serpent rolled its eyes upward, beyond the leafy canopy to the radiance above. Eve’s gaze followed, and lingered, and when she looked again at the tree, the shiny, red fruit was before her.
“Take. Eat,” said the serpent.
“Then I shall surely die,” said Eve.
“Only on television,” said the serpent. “Only to illusion.”
While Conservitard Super-Sleuths like Allen West are ever-so-slowly coming to the shocking conclusion that *sharp intake of breath* Barack Hussein Obama is an Islamist, we’ve spent the past 3 columns proving that Islam is the Scimitar of the CIA, the CIA is run by the Catholic “Society of Jesus” (which I will henceforth call the “Society of Loyola”, after their founder) and those same Jesuits have a vicious, timeless hatred for Christians, America and the Reformation-ideal of Constitutional self-determination.

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