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Failing the children of California.
A new law decriminalizing child prostitution puts children at greater risk.
Wednesday, January 4, 2017.
At the start of each new year we’re subjected to a whole host of new laws. The modern liberal government, you see, imagines itself not as the champion of individual freedom but as Mommy and Daddy, a taskmaster charged with controlling your life. Most of the time, it makes everything, including our lives, worse.
Case in point: California. Completely at the mercy of the left, which now controls two-thirds of the state government, California serves as a living illustration of what the left really wants to accomplish. As of Jan. 1, that includes decriminalizing what is commonly called “child prostitution.”
They may not have technically legalized it, but decriminalizing the act per se will have the same results, while putting exploited children in even more danger.
First, let’s make one thing clear right now: There is no such thing as “child prostitution.” The fact is we’re dealing with the sex trafficking of girls and boys. This isn’t some horror reserved for Thailand or some other far-off place — it’s happening right here in the United States.
More than 1,000 children are arrested each year for prostitution, with estimates of sex trafficking involving 100,000 to 2.4 million children. Concerned Women for America reports, “The United States Department of Justice uses the number 293,000 as the estimate for youth ‘at risk’ of being commercially sexually exploited.”
The fact that these children are victims is not disputed, but what California has just done makes the problem even worse.
A revelatory op-ed in the Washington Examiner by Travis Allen, one of the few Republicans in the California legislature, declaring the state had “legalized” child prostitution, made waves and garnered much-needed attention to the issue.
Mr. Travis wrote, “Beginning on Jan. 1, prostitution by minors will be legal in California. Yes, you read that right. SB 1322 bars law enforcement from arresting sex workers who are under the age of 18 for soliciting or engaging in prostitution, or loitering with the intent to do so. So teenage girls (and boys) in California will soon be free to have sex in exchange for money without fear of arrest or prosecution.”
So what can law enforcement in California do when they encounter a child selling themselves on the street for sex? The Sacramento Bee explains, “Commercially sexually exploited children, based on the bill’s analysis, may be taken into temporary custody ‘if the minor has an immediate need for medical care, or … is in immediate danger of physical or sexual abuse, or the physical environment’ or the child’s unattended status ‘poses an immediate threat to the child’s health or safety.’ “
The operative word here is, of course, “immediate.” But don’t worry — there is something the police must do. The Bee continued to defend the law by assuring readers, “Under the law, officers who encounter minors [selling themselves for sex] must report the circumstances to the county child welfare agency as abuse or neglect.”
That’s right. They must report it to a government agency.
So here’s the truth of the matter: This law tells the police there is nothing they are allowed to do with a child obviously engaging in an act against his or her will; an act that amounts to rape once the child sells himself or herself to the stranger looking for a child to purchase.
The obscenity of this law is clear: Not only does it tie the hands of law enforcement in removing the child from a threatening environment, it sends a message to the victimized children that their sex trafficker is in charge, that society accepts and allows what’s happening, and ultimately, there is no escape.
Mr. Travis notes, this vicious circle “translates into bigger and better cash flow for the pimps. Simply put, more time on the street and less time in jail means more money for pimps, and more victims for them to exploit.”
Why would California put sex-trafficked children in such danger by tying the hands of law enforcement when there are alternatives to treating them like criminals? Several states already have legislation that managed to recognize the victim status of the children without abandoning them.
Concerned Women for America reports, “New York and Washington State have laws that divert minors arrested for prostitution into services and rehabilitation programs at the discretion of the judge in New York and at the discretion of the prosecutor in Washington. … In Massachusetts, the law diverts minors found in prostitution into services and treatment but keeps the charges pending against them in place until they successfully complete the rehabilitation programs after which the charges are dropped.”

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had obtained a competent knowledge of geography, and, though the state of public opinion at the time did not permit such doctrines to be openly avowed, he believed that the sea is every where navigable, that the earth is round and not flat, that there are antipodes, that the torrid zone is habitable, and that there is a proportionable distribution of land in the northern and southern hemispheres. Adopting the Patristic logic when it suited his purpose, he reasoned that since the earth is made for man, it is not likely that its surface is too largely covered with water, and that, if there are lands, they must be inhabited, since the command was renewed at the flood that man should replenish the earth. He asked, “Is it likely that the sun shines upon nothing, and that the nightly watches of the stars are wasted on trackless seas and desert lands?” But to this reasoning he added facts that were more substantial. One Martin Vincent, who had sailed many miles to the west of the Azores, related to him that he had found, floating on the sea, a piece of timber carved evidently without iron. Another sailor, Pedro Correa, his brother-in-law, had met with enormous canes. On the coast of Flores the sea had cast up two dead men with large faces, of a strange aspect. Columbus appears to have formed his theory that the East Indies could be reached by sailing to the west about A.D. 1474. He was at that time in correspondence with Toscanelli, the Florentine astronomer, who held the same doctrine, and who sent him a map or chart constructed on the travels of Marco Polo. He offered his services first to his native city, then to Portugal, then to Spain, and, through his brother, to England; his chief inducement in each instance being that the riches of India might be thus secured. In Lisbon he had married. While he lay sick near Belem an unknown voice whispered to him in a dream, “God will cause thy name to be wonderfully resounded through the earth, and will give thee the keys of the gates of the ocean, which are closed with strong chains.” The death of his wife appears to have broken the last link which held him to Portugal, where he had been since 1470. One evening, in the autumn of 1485, a man of majestic presence, pale, care-worn, and, though in the meridian of life, with silver hair, leading a little boy by the hand, asked alms at the gate of the Franciscan convent near Palos-not for himself, but only a little bread and water for his child. This was that Columbus destined to give to Europe a new world. In extreme poverty, he was making his way to the Spanish court. After many wearisome delays his suit was referred to a council at Salamanca, before whom, however, his doctrines were confuted from the Pentateuch, the Psalms, the Prophecies, the Gospels, the Epistles, and the writings of the fathers – St. Chrysostom, St. Augustine, St. Jerome, St. Gregory, St. Basil, St. Ambrose. Moreover, they were demonstrably inconsistent with reason; since, if even he should.
depart from Spain, “the rotundity of the earth would present a kind of m6untain up which it was impossible for him to sail, even with the fairest wind;” and so he could never get back. The Grand Cardinal of Spain had also indicated their irreligious nature, and Columbus began to fear that, instead of receiving aid as a discoverer, he should fall into trouble as a heretic. However, after many years of mortification and procrastination, he at length prevailed with Queen Isabella; and on April 17, 1492, in the field before Granada, then just wrenched from the Mohammedans by the arms of Ferdinand and Isabella, he received his commission. With a nobleness of purpose, he desired no reward unless he should succeed; but, in that case, stipulated that he should have the title of Admiral and Viceroy, and that his perquisite should be one tenth of all he should discover-conditions which show what manner of man this great sailor was. He had bound himself to contribute one eighth to the expenses of the expedition: this he accomplished through the Pinzons of Palos, an old and wealthy seafaring family. These arrangements once ratified, he lost not a moment in completing the preparations for his expedition. The royal authority enabled him to take-forcibly, if necessary-both ships and men. But even with that advantage he would hardly have succeeded if the Pinzons had not joined heartily with him, personally sharing in the dangers of the voyage. The sun, by journeying to the west, rises on India at last. On Friday, August 3, 1492, the weary struggles and heart-sickness of eighteen years of supplication were over, and, as the day was breaking, Columbus sailed with three little ships from Palos, carrying with him charts constructed on the basis of that which Toscanelli had formerly sent, and also a letter to the Grand Khan of Tartary. On the 9th he saw the Canaries, being detained among them three weeks by the provisioning and repairing of his ships. He left them September 6th, escaping the pursuit of some caravels sent out by the Portuguese government to” intercept him. He now steered due west. Nothing of interest occurred until nightfall on September 13th, when he remarked with surprise that the needle, which the day before had pointed due north, was varying half a point to the west, the effect becoming more and more marked as the expedition advanced. He was now beyond the track of any former navigator, and with no sure guide but the stars; the heaven was every where, and every where the sea. On Sunday, 16th, he encountered many floating weeds, and picked up what was mistaken for a live grasshopper. For some days the weeds increased in quantity, and retarded the sailing of the ships. On the 19th two pelicans flew on board. Thus far he had had an easterly wind; but on September 20th it changed to southwest, and many little birds, such as those that sing in orchards, were seen. His men now be.

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There is no prostitution in China – The world’s oldest profession in the Middle Kingdom.
Yesterday we looked at the spread of AIDS in China and the impact of having a limited understanding of the disease. Today I want to look at one of the major factors in the spread of the disease: prostitution.
Chinese friends are quick to point out that officially, prostitution is illegal but I’ve noticed that doesn’t seem to mean very much.
On virtually every trip I have taken in the middle kingdom I have been solicited, usually through phone calls to my hotel room. Even the small towns in Guangxi where I lived, with populations around 50-75,000, had something similar to red light districts. If you walk around in the evening almost anywhere in China off the main streets, you will see the faint pink glow of a brothel.
Like many problems in China, it’s not that they are doing something that is completely unheard of in other countries, they are just doing it on a very different scale. Visiting prostitutes is not stigmatized the same way it is in the US, and is even part of the business culture (similar to Japan and Korea). It is a rarely discussed social problem, but has very real implications when it comes to preventing the spread of disease (not to mention ending human trafficking and improving the status of women).
For thousands of years prostitution and polygamy were a part of Chinese culture, and it’s only in the past 90 years that these values have even been challenged. In modern China visiting prostitutes and having a mistress (in some situations) is seen as a marker of status, much as it was in the past. In fact ?? (ernai) was used in the past to mean second wife and is now used to mean mistress.
UNAIDS has also suggested that migrant worker populations are more at risk for AIDS because they often leave their wives behind in the countryside and visit prostitutes in the cities. Due to the highly mobile nature of this group, AIDS is a risk in even some of the most remote villages. Men from every level of society frequent brothels, and yet it is only the women who are looked down upon.
The topic of prostitution is so taboo that I even found it difficult to discuss the issue with an AIDS activist. This is roughly what happened when I brought up prostitution at a conference near Ningming, which a Chinese friend told me was “famous for hookers.”
Me: What role do you think prostitution plays in the spread of AIDS? And why do local governments allow prostitution to flourish?
Activist: How do you know there is prostitution? The local governments don’t allow it.
Me: There are several shops with pink lights at night that sell no products and feature several bored looking women on couches next to posters of half-naked couples embracing. I think these are brothels.
Activist: How can you say though for sure?
Me: It just seems to me that if it is this obvious to a foreigner, shouldn’t the police be able to control it? I mean, I see soldiers walk in and out of the pink shop all evening.
Activist: If the local gov’t knew it was there, they would stop it.
A few days later I received a call from the conference leader warning me that I should never have accused soldiers of visiting prostitutes, and that they were very respected in China because of their efforts in rescuing survivors of the Sichuan Earthquake (even though these soldiers had nothing to do with that). While I had never intended to besmirch the reputation of the PLA, my point was simply that soldiers regardless of the country they work for, have a certain reputation for visiting prostitutes (look at Thailand and the Philippines before and after the Vietnam War).
On a number of occasions I have tried to discuss prostitution with Chinese friends and been told that it does not exist. Somehow they think that foreigners won’t notice the pink lights and calls for “massage” in the middle of the night. The message behind the denial is that Chinese people are far too moral to visit such institutions.
After my experiences, the lesson I’ve learned is that by China maintaining the facade of a “traditional” culture with “traditional” values they ignore the reality of China’s past and present and trump the importance of public health.

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In this photo released by sex worker support group Zi Teng, Aug. 9, 2006, actress Cheung Yuet-hung is shown portraying an independent prostitute on the set of the movie “Sisters and Zi Teng.” The movie is part of the three-day Hong Kong Sex Workers’ Film Festival that kicks off Friday, an underfunded but comprehensive look at the lives of prostitutes across Asia. (AP Photo/Leo Cheng, HO)
HONG KONG, Aug 10 (AP) — Hong Kong’s newest film festival doesn’t feature Jackie Chan or Jet Li kicking down doors and punching villains. This one is all about prostitutes.
The inaugural three-day Hong Kong Sex Workers’ Film Festival that kicks off Friday is an underfunded but comprehensive look at the lives of prostitutes across Asia — told by the sex workers themselves.

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Although advocating illegalisation of sex work, it is essential that such policies do not impinge on the work of successful, grass-roots organisations working alongside and supporting prostitutes. In addition – I claim that Swedish policies and legislation on sex work has been and is largely successful. Although the problem of prostitution is very small in comparison to many other countries, the Swedish approach has concentrated on addressing prostitution as a social issue. They outlaw sex work as ‘legitimate’ work and introduced measures which were supported with governmental funding, to provide a proper and permanent support system for prostitutes which offered counselling and retraining possibilities (Kilvington et al. 2001:83). In 1999, legislation was introduced which criminalised the buying of sexual services with the intention to target the clients who use the service rather than the sex workers (Ibid). Although I do not compare the Swedish sex work industry to that of countries within South East Asia, where sex trafficking and sex work is on a far greater, global scale (Remote Sensing: 2001), I endorse the Swedish approach for recognising the overarching social issues and patriarchal structures and which uphold and support the practice of prostitution. By targeting the men – the ‘demand’ for prostitution – the legislation attempts to tackle such structures. However, I recognise that censoring and upholding such prosecution is difficult in areas in which prostitution is endemic, yet this should be no reason to impinge change.
In conclusion this essay has discussed why sex work should not be considered ‘legitimate work’, nor as an expression of women’s ‘choice and agency.’ This essay has structured this argument on the grounds, as explained by Jeffreys and O’Connell Davidson, that sex work is inherently abusive towards women, both psychologically and physically. Sullivan illustrated how in instances of legalisation, instead of tackling the inherent violence prostitutes were subject to, it incidentally normalised the violence. This essay has also illustrated how in the majority of circumstances, the ‘choice’ of the women is not valid, since it tends to stem from desperate economic motives, and because even if women ‘choose’ sex work, their choice has potential harmful implications on other women. Finally, because sex work reinforces and upholds gendered sociological assumptions of society, instilling patriarchy, I advocate that it remain an illegitimate form of work. Nonetheless, as I have discussed, and as explored by Ditmore and Djordjevic, one problem circumscribed by advocating the illegalisation of sex work is that it forces the women working in the industry ‘underground’. This has harmful implications on conditions of the prostitutes and inhibits their voice in society. I conclude by suggesting that one possible way to tackle this is by recognising prostitution as a social problem. As in Sweden, we must recognise the gendered and patriarchal institutions that uphold prostitution and face the issue by delegitimizing and penalising those who use the service. The primary understanding that needs to be established for this perspective to be effective is that prostitution is not legitimate work.
Adams, N. 2003. Anti-Trafficking Legislation: Protection or Deportation?. Feminist Review, No. 73, Exile and Asylum: Women Seeking Refuge in ‘fortress Europe’, pp.135-139.
Anderson, S, A., 2002. Prostitution and Sexual Autonomy: Making Sense of the Prohibition of Prostitution. Ethics, Vol. 112, pp. 748-780.
Brison, S. 2006. Contentious Freedom: Sex Work and Social Construction. Hepatia, Vol. 21, pp. 192-200.
Ditmore, M., 2008. Sex work, trafficking and HIV: how development is compromising sex workers’ human rights. In Cornwall, A. et al (eds) Development with a Body: Sexuality, Human Rights and Development, London: Zed pp.54-66.
Dworkin, A., 1997. Prostitution and Male Supremacy. Life and Death, New York pp. 138-216.
Djordjevic, J. 2008. Social and Political inclusion as sex workers as a preventative measure against trafficking: Serbian experiences. In: Cornwall, A., Correea, S., Jolly, S., Development with a body: Sexuality, Human Rights and Development , London: Zed pp. 161-181.
Kilvington, J., Day, S., Ward, H., 2001. Prostitution Policy in Europe: A Time of Change?. Feminist Review; Sex Work Reassessed, Vol. 67, pp. 78-93.
Miriam, K., 2005. Stopping the Traffic in Women: Power, Agency and Abolition in Feminist Debates over Sex-Trafficking. Journal of Social Philosophy, Vol. 36, pp.1-17.
O’Connell Davidson, J., 2002. The Rights and Wrongs of Prostitution. Hepatia: Feminist Philosophies of Love and Work, Vol. 17, pp. 84-98.
Sullivan, M., 2005. What Happens When Prostitution Becomes Work? An Update on Legalisation of Prostitution in Australia. Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, Australia, [Accessed on: 9/12/13]
Weitzer, R., 2009. Sociology of Sex Work. Annual Review of Sociology, Vol. 35, pp. 213-234.
Once Upon a Time an Anthropologist Wrote.

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The man from the union finally retrieves Julli from his talk about prostitution. They leave for the upper floor through the kitchen.
On any given weekend night in Tallinn, there are other Finnish men there for the same reason. (Estonia’s Health Ministry recently estimated that 45 percent of men using prostitutes in Estonia are Finnish ed.)
Hanski, who works in the construction industry, said he’s been visiting Tallinn since 1988. He’s not worried by the news that HIV infections have increased dramatically in Estonia over the past two years.
You can tell from her looks what kind of a girl you have, he insisted. I have 20 years of experience.
Taxis pull up to another Tallinn brothel. Officially it’s a striptease joint, and a hotel that charges by the hour. A dozen women sit in a row along a wall inside. The group includes two girls who are clearly no older than 16. One indicates that the girls are working. Their attention is directed either at the door or the bar. An older woman boasts that she can recognize a Finn the second he steps through the door: They’re very drunk and they say they want sex.
When drunk, Finns are genial clients, she says; the worst thing is when someone wants to have sex without a condom.
In the morning, just before the boat is scheduled to return to Helsinki, Julli and his friend eat hamburgers at the Viru Center. Julli walks over to shove some coins down a slot machine.
He calculates that the whole trip cost him virtually nothing. The room for one night, shared with his friend, cost them each just 400 kroons (25 dollars). The hour with the prostitute was another 400 kroons.
On the way to the port, the friend picks Julli up in his cab. The driver looks over to encourage the sleepy Finns: So what if you spent some money. You experienced some of life’s greatest joys.
Arriving at the ferry terminal, the duo head for the bar. The return to everyday life always scares Julli a bit.
Tomorrow I will lie down at home with a hangover and I’ll regret coming here, he said. The kids will come over in the evening.
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candidate and also a business man). Abbas Farhan al-Jabouri and his two.
relatives were executed in Mohammed al Malih, near Mandali onthe 29th of.

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