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Lindberg b-58 hustler
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Questions About Virtual Reality?
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An Interview with A Prostitute Working in Amsterdam’s Prostitution Information Center.
I have spent the last 5 months walking, running and stumbling past the “women in the windows” in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. The questions that ran through my head were never ending and never answered. One day, I just had to stop and ask. This is what one of them had to say:
How did you decide to get into prostitution?
I wanted my own money. Both of my parents have a higher education but we were a poor family. When I turned 18 I knew I could separate love and sex. It was a process of thinking about it and then actually doing it.
I started working at clubs. I quit because I was expecting my daughter and I wanted to pick up my studies. After awhile, I picked up prostitution again. This time I did it for a year and a half out of my house. When I was expecting my twins, I quit again. Now, I only do it sometimes with customers I know that will come to my home.
Your children, are they from a boyfriend? Your husband? A customer?
That is the assumption that some people make. The father of my children is my boyfriend. Pregnancy from prostitute’s clients is rare in Holland. Birth control is very well regulated and condoms are easily accessible. The chance that a prostitute gets pregnant from a customer is very low – maybe 0 – 1%.
What was the first time like?
It wasn’t very special. Some people might think that it would be quite hard. For me it was not. Sex was something I was used to but I just had not been paid for it. It sounds like I was a total slut. But I just thought that I had sex before, now I could just get money for it.
How do you separate sex with someone you love from someone that is paying you for it?
It is difficult because we are all raised with the idea that sex and love come together. I was raised that way as well. If you separate these two things you can enjoy having sex with someone without loving him. If you love someone you give your mind, your body, your soul, your everything. If you just have sex with them – it is just sex – it is more technical but of course you can still enjoy it.
Yes. If you get a hot stud and you have a nice time with each other, of course, it is fun. Then you get people that you would never choose to have sex with in your private time but you can still enjoy that as well. The times you really close up are when people don’t show you respect or don’t talk to you – then you are not there. And of course if you ever have someone that you don’t like or you don’t have a connection with you can always refuse them.
How often do you get the hot ones?
At least once or twice a week, it makes it fun. It makes it ok to keep on doing what you are doing.
How would you describe the connection you have with your customers?
When you work in a club or at home before you go in a room you talk to each other. You talk about what you like with sex. You talk about other things as well – what your hobbies are. It is not only about sex for all customers. They want to know something about the person they are having sex with. When you work behind the window you have to talk with them a little bit, negotiate price and what he can expect for that price. If it feels ok and your instinct is telling you that it is ok – then you have a connection with them.
When you are working at clubs do people approach you or do you approach them?
Some prostitutes approach the customer. Customers like that. Personally, I would wait until somebody approaches me and showed interest in me. But some girls are like “pick me, pick me”. That is the reason why I quit working at clubs. I did not like the meat market – waiting for customers – hoping that they would like you. That is why I stopped and chose to work at home. I get most of my customers over the Internet so I do not have to wait in a bar.

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