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Lu Han was all right, he supposed. Nice lips, bright eyes, kind smile, cute face, the kind of cute that would surely make him obscenely popular around here. He must have had a waiting list miles long already, Jongin mused. Jongin prided himself in knowing the potential of the boys coming and going through the agency, and his intuition told him Lu Han would become one of their best. And he did. The others teased him about Lu Han stealing the number one spot from him, but the truth was he didn’t mind. It wasn’t anything desirous to be booked left, right, and center by everyone who wanted to try out the hot new thing anyway. He’d been there, done that, it wasn’t fun. Jongin had a steady client base, he made enough for himself, life was good.
What slightly bothered him was the way Lu Han had attached himself to his best friend – or rather, Sehun had attached himself to Lu Han. He quickly figured out Lu Han was actually one of the oldest boys in their group despite looking obscenely young, and the Chinese boy took to caring for the younger kids naturally. One time he walked into the kitchen to see Lu Han cleaning some particularly bad scrape marks on Sehun’s knees, wincing every time Sehun’s legs jerk from the sting. Jongin backed out of the kitchen slowly, feeling slightly puzzled. They had never cared about that before.
He should have expected that Lu Han and he would have to work together soon enough. It was a private party, definitely not his favourite kind of appointment, but life was ironic like that. Jongin always claimed he could never remember much of that night, but Lu Han did.
Lu Han had heard the boys talk about these private parties and how none of them was ever fond of those all that much, as much as one could like their appointments. Too many drunk obnoxious assholes, not enough tip, time-consuming, and often just really tedious. A job was a job though, so off he went, along with Yixing and Jongin. Yixing was his roommate back at the dorm, so at least there was a comforting familiar face. Jongin.
He had heard a lot about Jongin of course, it was impossible to ignore all the gossips about him. Sehun spent half their time together talking about his friend anyway. Oddly enough, he had never had much of a chance to talk to Jongin. The younger boy always seemed to find some excuse or other to slink away whenever they were in the same room. At first Lu Han thought it was because he felt awkward after walking in on Sehun and him that one time, but Yixing assured him Jongin didn’t care about things like that.
So everything Lu Han knew about Jongin up to that point was just that, secondhand stories and what he could see from afar – the easy snarky banter, the dancer-like grace when he moved, the way his eyes scrunched up in laughter around his friends in the dorm. Seeing Jongin in his element on a job was a revelation.
Gone was Kim Jongin, in his place was Kai – easy smirk, hooded eyes, exuding sensuality and debauchery with the way his teeth kept grazing his own lips and his shirt slowly slipping off one shoulder, exposing smooth dark skin and sharp collarbones. Kai turned out to be an excellent dancer, just like Lu Han had imagined. His body rolled and arched in graceful waves in the flow of the music, pressing up and sliding against the hard bodies surrounding him, hips cocking up in blatant invitation.
The last he could see of Kai was a tall man pressing him down into the couch, nibbling and biting down on the bare slope of his shoulder, another man pressing a glass of wine into Kai’s hand. It was the VIP section of some bar, the music was obnoxious and the people even more so, and Lu Han was busy with a man who had just grabbed his waist and pulled him down for a grope anyway, so it was no surprise that he soon lost track of Jongin. When he resurfaced, there was no sign of Jongin anywhere. Yixing was already off in a corner of the room with two of their clients for the night.
Many of the people left in the party were just getting trashed into oblivion anyway, so Lu Han excused himself to find his way to the bathroom. He stumbled down the dimly lit hallway, the bass of the music still pounding incessantly through the walls. He would have missed all the noises if the door hadn’t been left half open and right then there was a particularly loud cry in a voice he definitely recognized. Lu Han froze in his steps, turning towards the room with the door left ajar. Although he could have had a guess, he still wasn’t exactly prepared for the sight in front of him.
There were at least five men crowding around a high table in the middle of the room, and stretched out on it was none other than Jongin. His wrists were tied together by a leather belt and held down over his head by one of the men. On the other end, another was vigorously fucking him, big hard cock slamming into the boy’s pert ass repeatedly. The others were jerking off over his body, sometimes rubbing their cocks against the hardened nubs of his nipples or his stomach. Even in the crappy lighting, Lu Han could see Jongin’s buttocks were bright red from all the impact of strong hips against sensitive skin, his hole looked well fucked open, wet and messy from excessive lube and god only knew what else. He could see dried come under Jongin’s thighs, some still sticky and dripping down from his hole.

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