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In the past, some muta’a contracts have been struck when permanent, legal marriages were not possible.
Ayad Muhammed Ali fell in love eight years ago with a woman who walked into his Baghdad tailor shop. She was a widow with two young sons whose husband, a member of an underground group outlawed by Saddam, had been executed by Saddam’s men. The woman also was richer than Ali, so her family would never have consented to a legal marriage.
The lovers agreed to a yearlong muta’a in 1993 and have renewed their contract every year since, he says. In the decade after their muta’a, the couple never dared meet in the open. In April 2003, the month U.S. forces swept into the capital, they began meeting in public places for the first time, he says.
“I was always so afraid someone would find out and I’d go to prison,” says Ali, 29. “Now, I’m not afraid. My only fear is her family.”
Rising child prostitution worries Bugiri activists.
By Vision Reporter.
Added 7th July 2015 12:52 PM.
Human rights activists in Bugiri district are concerned about the continued rise in trafficking of underage girls into commercial sex.
Human rights activists in Bugiri district are concerned about the continued rise in trafficking of underage girls into commercial sex.
By Donald Kiirya.
During a recent meet, the group said young girls are trafficked from various sub-counties to trading centres under the disguise of being given jobs – but are instead forced into prostitution.
The acting Bugiri district labour officer, Meddie Kagooma Kisubi speaks during the meeting. (Credit: Donald Kiirya)
To avert this crisis, the human rights supporter called on local leaders to work hand-in-hand with Non-Governmental Organizations like PLA geared towards fighting human trafficking in order to reduce cases of child abuse and human trafficking.

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3607. Adabisha mtoto awapo mdogo. MA.6.
Teach a child good manners when it is still small.
A child’s discipline is a small stick.
A child’s good manners give great credit to the parents.
3609. Aliyeoa binamu hufia vitani. FSM.6.
One who marries a cousin dies in a war.
Judge carefully before undertaking a serious business. In marrying one becomes involved in the life of in-laws, but if one marries a member of the same family, the involvement is much greater. If it is relatively easy to divorce somebody of an outside family, it is extremely difficult to divorce someone who belongs to the same family.
3610. Aliyezaa vibaya husalimiwa na wakwe wake. KB.l9.
One who is ill-born will be paid off by the in-laws.
An ill-born child and badly educated is a disgrace to the parents. Refers to the obligation of well educating one’s children in view of a happy future. KB.
3611. Amemfanya mumewe ng’ombe ya shemeri. SACL. 835.
She leads her husband like an ox by its nose-ring.
3612. Ana bahati kama mzalia kwao. REK.
She is lucky as one who gave birth at home [in the family].
3613. Anayenyimwa ugali na mkewe huvunja nyumba. FSM.6.
He who is denied food by his wife will break up the marriage.
From a song taught during initiation.
3614. Anayependwa na mama ndiye baba. NGU.
He whom mother loves is my father.
They are looking after me. Their decisions for me are right decisions. cf. #1528.
A wedding is a bliss.
3616. Azaaye kinyago akinyonyesha. KB.28.
She who gives birth to a deformed child will breastfeed it.
A mother never abhors her own child, however deformed. Cf. #1530.
It is up to the father to reprehend his child.
"No one else should interfere in family affairs. Blame the father if the child is undisciplined." JKP.
3618. Baba ni baba lau kama ni kahaba. REK.
The father is the father unless he is a prostitute.
Kahaba : prostitute, male or female.
A stepfather is not a father.
There is a firm belief that stepfathers are unkind and cruel to their stepchildren. F.
Baba wa kambo si baba: kunichukuza mikoba na ufunguo wa shaba. SACL. 154; KB., chukuza .
A stepfather is not a father; he is fit to let me carry bags and his brass key [treating me as a servant].
A stepmother is not a mother. Cf. #1543.
3620. Bembekeza si unyumba, kukataa kuhangaika. AL 909.
Caresses are not the same as a marital agreement, the refusal leads to a troubled life.
Marriage is attractive, but is also a great burden.
Unyumba : marital agreement.
3621. Bubu alisema juu ya uchungu wa mwanawe. AL 1483.
The dumb mother spoke because of the suffering of her child.
It is the conclusion of a story in which the mother recovers speech, in order to remove the danger that threatens her child.
People in charge take care of the interests of the subordinates. AL.
3622. Bubu alisema sababu ya ngoma aliyoacha baba. AL 896.
The dumb spoke because his father left that person a drum.
One does not harm one’s own, however weak one be.
This is used when one member of the family wants to disinherit an orphan of his father’s heritage. AL.
The leopard gave birth to a civet cat.
Children often disappoint their parents.
A land lizard give birth to a water lizard.
3624. Chui mkali lakini wanawe wanyonya. NGU.

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