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Minors aged 13-16. They are usually street children, children of unemployed parents, drug addicts and offer sex services for surviving. Many of them see clients as potential saviours who can help them and change their lives. Clients, in turn, are usually poor men with low income who pay between 0,5 of Ls (
1,5 USD) for the services. Sometimes they feed the kids or provide them with accommodation for some days.
With time those kids become disappointed in those searches for “saviours” and begin to suffer from depression.
Young men working as a prostitute aged 17-24. These young men have a stabile life, but sometimes without steady income. Many of then have no other job experience or skills.
Services provided by them take place in bars, parks, and toilets usually with intermediaries – pimp, advertising or in sex clubs.
The cost of services is between 5 Ls (
7 USD) and 15 Ls (22 USD) and they serve one-two clients in a week.
Young men searching for sponsors. Those are young men who make attempts to improve their life conditions by searching, finding and using permanent clients. They start with those activities in age of 19-22. The potential sponsors are usually homosexual or bisexual men, often married. In most cases they are gay’s who are looking for other men, who can finance their needs, travel, education, provide well-paying job. Sometimes those guys become independent from the sponsor, sometimes they broke relation with men with the purpose to find new and richer.
Elite sex workers, escort prostitutes can be found on various presentations, receptions and other events in embassies, government institutions and businesses. The services not necessary involve payment, but relations and people met on these events can help in career movement. They usually in age 18-25, handsome and often well educated, sometimes with university degrees. The cost of services in average is from 100 Ls (145 USD) to 300 (435 USD).
“Weekend or Sunday sex workers” They come from well situated or average-income families, end they deal with offering sexual services irregularly and in dependence of offers received. They have no problem with food or accommodation, their finance situation is generally stabile and they spend more money than they have available to them in home.
They are very careful to hide the fact of working as sex worker from others. Usually they are students; they charge 20 Ls (
30 USD) to 60 Ls (90 USD) from the clients for their services.
“Little tricksters” – specific category of youngsters aged 15-17, who seeks out wealthy and more or less well-known men. They purposefully try to involve the men in sexual activities, after that blackmailing them with the statement, that if the client doesn’t pay up, the young men will accuse him in pederasty and solicitation. The clients usually pay to keep the young’s men silence.
According to the Vice Squad, some 100 women and men depart Latvia each month to go to various European countries to work as prostitutes. The police tend to have only fragmentary information about what these people are actually doing abroad. It is usually only data about and from prostitutes who have been deported back to Latvia.
According to sex workers, as well as several surveyed experts, the number of women who depart from Latvia without knowing that they might end up as prostitutes has declined since mid-90’s. Women either know or at least sense what they will be doing. The surveyed respondents all said that sex work in other countries was nothing more then work through which money could be earned – no other main arguments were mentioned by anyone.
In all of the countries to which women from Eastern Europe who wish to work as prostitutes have gone, they became involved in the same kinds of prostitution which had historically developed there.
Relatively small clubs and bars employ 6-10 girls as prostitutes. The sex workers, for example in Switzerland are mobile in the sense that they go from bar to bar every few weeks, with pimps helping the bar owners to handle this process. Sex workers also tend to travel not only within a country, but also from country to country with the help of the pimps.
When a women works in a bar, she average five or six clients a day. Working with a pimp at a bar, hotel or brothel, the number of clients is greater – between six and ten, or even more.
From ten sex workers who were interviewed in Holland eight were working at the “windows” – which was at that time a legal process in Netherlands. But only for people with legal residence and work permits from EU, Switzerland, Norway. Other women e.g. from Latvia cannot work in organised prostitution anymore (since Oct 2000). How much money a prostitute earns is entirely up to her. If a sex workers wants to work a lot – without any day off – then she can clear between 7 000 and 18 000 USD in month.
According to the interviews, the prostitutes are very much afraid of getting caught by the local police. There are several reasons for this. One is deportation – the fact that the passport is then “damaged” is another, with the women not being allowed to go back to the western countries to work. Others reported that the police confiscate all the money that the prostitute has earned. Some sex workers said that local police usually don’t want to interact with foreign prostitutes, which basically leaves them at the mercy of the criminals.

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