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Depending on where it came from, prices/gram are variable:
10-14 eur for better romanian weed [will get you going] 15-25 eur for imports [from Germany or The Netherlands – real good stuff] 20 eur for the best hash you’ll ever smoke [Made in Romania]
I enjoyed this city. I also had success hooking up, but instead of a Romanian girl I end up with a Norwegian. I’m definitely not complaining.
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24 Responses to Bucharest City Guide.
hey nice post, i have read somewhere that romanian girls are easy to pick up though?
looking forward to more european countries rviews…. maybe poland or spain?
I might whip up a post on Krakow. My mate just went to Bucharest and hooked up by arranging a date online. I found the surrounding non-EU countries easier to pick up.
A lot of mens of Romania (and I am agree with them, I am from Ro also)
-in Bucharest usually will find material girl with a cold heart, even if they are pretty. Cheap whores you can have with 15-20 eur (and are beautiful). Timisoara (Arad is a better choice in the area) is somehow the same but not so many handsome girls.
-in the north-west of Ro Transilvania area have not so beautiful womens but friendly (Sibiu, Cluj, and so and so)
-Very beautiful and also friendly girls are in Moldavia, north-east of Ro, they also have strong influence by Ukraine genetics. Iasi, Suceava and all the area recommended. Also there are not a turistic area (only monasteries have turists in Moldavia).
-Oltenia in the south…small girls with not so nice manners. I don;t like them.
– P.S…I was surprised about some small city near Bucharest…Calarasi have incredible girls.
– In Constanta at the sea there are…a lot of pirates :))
Hope the info it’s useful.
Bro how I find some weed in brasov I need to smoke soon no medical marijuana dispensaries around this area.
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Hey NN… I read in another site that one of favorite cities in all of EE is Brasov. Why no write-up?
By the way I’ll be in Skopje in June thanks to you! Any updates on the better clubs or bars?
Thanks and keep up the good work!
@Brazmerican: Funny, I’m in Skopje in 2 days. I’ll let you know. I don’t have any good info on Brasov… it was a ghost town when I was there (mid week in the depths of winter), nice place though, but there’s plenty of better places in the region.
Thanks for the reply NN! However, I’m not trying to call you out on this, but this is from one of your posts.
75% of Romanian come from Latin and its actually is the purest derivative..
It terms of top cities in EE.
My favourites place is:
The reason this is so important to me is like I said, not to call you out, but because I’m basing a lot of your trip on stuff you’ve written, and I really like the idea of Romania without Bucharest. So….. any ideas other than Brazov or Bucharest? My game is based on meeting “normal” girls in second tier cities, where there’s less labeling going on.
I know you’re a busy man, but with fame comes responsibility! ??
p.s. Can we expect an update on Skopje soon?
@Brazmerican: That post was written previous to the Siege of the Adriatic and my visit to Ukraine and Belarus. My ranking have changed BIG TIME. I’d put Kiev, Montenegro, Sarajevo and Hvar island all above Brasov now…
Skopje update coming soon!
Bucharest is amazing. Its cheap, there is plenty f nightlife, and the girls are stunning. I think that 7 out of 10 are stunning girls, with the highest ratio I have seen in my life. Further, the girls are attracted to men from the west. So if you speak English or say you are from western Europe you have a great chance to get laid!!
Further, there are the prostitutes. Again most of them are way above average. And the price is low. Typically between 10 and 30 USD. For more info check out this page: (and go to “matriminial” and “ea cauta partener)”. And then use google translate. Its amazing. It usually works this way that you call the girl, and then you give the phone to the taxi driver, who then takes you there. However, its not all the girls that speak English, but its worth the effort ??
when will there be an update for this article? it was written in 2010….i suggest you go back and check out the city again ??
A hot Romanian girl walked right up to me one night in Lipscani recently and picked me up!
I was sitting alone at a terrace table outside on of the bars there having a beer minding my own business (I think the bar was called Bazaar) and she was with a table full of friends next to me.

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