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Active support pantyhose
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1.. Persons involved checked medically once a week. records kept by any prostitute other than the taxes.
3..houses should be located away from city limits. alcohol or drugs of any kind allowed.
5..age check by prostitutes.
The use of the legal facilities should be monitored and any person caught and convicted of any sex crime would be executed post haste.
Of course the politicians will stick their greedy noses into this and line their pockets somehow, but we all know that’s a given no matter where the houses are.
Possibly, this would help stop any further sex violence, but I’m not naive and know there will always be a predator out somewhere, but if caught, refer to rule #5. Nuff said.
No a person caught and convicted of a sex crime would simply be jailed. If you wrote a law for them to be executed it would either be struck down as unconstitutional in the lower or in the supreme court.
They need to do with prostitution the SAME EXACT thing they need to do with drugs.(And I’m not just talking about weed, I’m talking all drugs.)
Legalize it 100 percent. No laws, no restrictions. Other than things that are covered in other ways, like you can’t force any person to do anything against his or her will.
Gambling is a little different. They need certain laws to keep somebody from fixing odds or anything like that. Anything where customers (bettors) are being taken advantage of in any way.
Just to protect the powerless from the powerful, but never to protect a person from oneself or control a person’s behavior. That’s just common sense. I shouldn’t have even had to say it. I assume that most people who will read this already know those things.
This really applies to just about anything you could name. For example, Murder should be (remain) illegal, but Assisted Suicide should be legalized immediately. It never should have been illegal. Neither should Suicide itself.
I’m not just talking about terminally ill. I’m talking about anyone who wants to end his or her life for any or no reason.
I own my body. You own yours. The government does not own any of us. All of us own the government. And to tell you the truth, I get so sick and tired of people who don’t realize that, or who say things that would imply differently. I’m sorry but that needed to be said. I’m not talking about anyone on this thread, I’m talking about a few certain people in general, on this site and other sites. They know who they are.
So anything I do to my body, do with my body, put in my body, or even deliberately ending my life (if I were to choose to), would be none of your business, and certainly none of the government’s.
If two people have a dispute about something, that dispute should be settled like any other dispute. Someone sold you some bad weed, or the hooker didn’t do what you paid her to, or the john did something to the hooker, or whatever. These are things that would be resolved through the court system, just like anything else.
When it comes to side-issue problems, those should be dealt with separately. For example, if you say legalizing prostitution will cause STD’s, number 1 that’s false. Number 2, that’s a separate issue.
And never forget that ALL medical conditions are supposed to have cures and vaccines. Should have had them years ago. No excuse for them not having them. Any discussion of illness of any kind is supposed to begin with this. I didn’t realize it either until kind of recently, so I won’t bash anybody too much for not knowing this. I think more people know it now. I have seen it mentioned all over the place.
That’s probably all I have to say. That’s the long version. The short version? Legalize it!
Do you READ MUCH! I rather doubt it.
Stupid is, as STUPID DOES.
I haven’t read too much about it, I’m posting from real life experience. I don’t have an issue with humans using sex as currency or commodity, since I’m a naturalist and I can accept that as members of the primate, and more specifically, the chimpanzee clan, its just kind of what we do. The issue comes from the fact that it’s a VICE. Humans will viciously take advantage and maliciously manipulate any profitable product or market , when that market or product is a human being it gets very ugly. Its very common for ‘legal’ escorts, sex surrogates, etc. That are part of the already mildly accepted (and legal) forms of prostitution to be connected to out and out human trafficking rings, drug rings and a whole host of other very bad activities. You try to highlight the high points and shining examples to justify legalizing prostitution, I’m a realist and I’ve been around, and I know that humanity rarely surprises itself by showing more than expected self control, a genuine care for their fellow man, or too much mercy for those who are down and out. No legislation can cure the sickness that causes human desperation and pain.
Soil From The Land Of Prostitutes Is Used To Make Idols Of Durga Maa. The Reason Is Unusual.
Goddess Durga’s idol made during Durga Puja is incomplete without the soil from the house of a sex worker. That too, the soil should be begged for and received from a prostitute’s hand as a gift or blessing by a priest. Can’t believe this? But it’s true. You might be wondering, what could be the possible reason for using some clay from brothel to make Maa Durga’s Idol for Navratri? Let us tell you why!

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